Get Involved

“I had no idea there are so many Democrats in Shenandoah County!”

We’re a friendly, informed, principled group of concerned citizens working to elect Democrats and expand the influence of the Democratic values: working towards a sustainable climate; respect for ALL individuals, regardless of wealth, ethnicity, gender; respect for the institutions of the Republic; respect for our allies.

We want you to join us! Do as much as you can, without the fear of being pressured to take on more than you are comfortable with. Join the growing number of Democrats in Shenandoah County.

We welcome you to attend our monthly meetings and/or volunteer in any of these areas:

  • Be a volunteer Poll Observer in November:
  • Voter Registration / Education- we especially welcome Spanish speakers and people with ties to youth.
  • Postcards to voters – address cards and/or donate stamps
  • Join our phone banks during which we call local friendly voters
  • Volunteer at the polls on Election Day – social distancing will be observed– monitor voting, greet voters, promote our candidates
  • DONATE to support material resources and candidate promotion (postcards, yard signs, HQ rent)
  • Write Letters to the Editor
  • AND… 
    • Community Visibility — rallies, civic events, parades, festivals, County Fair Booth
    • Event Planning –dinners, fundraisers, picnics, meetings, etc.
    • Canvass – meet our Democratic-leaning neighbors
    • Get Out the Vote – the big push before Election Day

We’re all volunteers! See something you like? Want to do something you don’t see? Let us know!

  1. Email us at [email protected]
  2. Call our voicemail at 540-331-7459
  3. Drop us a line at Shenandoah Democrats, Box 341, Woodstock, VA 22664

There’s good work to be done!

The Chair shall:

(a) provide for the day-to-day coordination of the work of the County Committee,  including making assignments to officers, committee chairs and chair(s) emeritus;

(b) prepare the agenda and preside at all meetings of the County Committee and the Executive Committee;

(c) appoint committee chairs;

(d) be the official representative of the County Committee and designate others to represent it when appropriate; and

(e) serve as member ex officio of all committees of the County Committee.

The Vice Chair shall:

(a) assist the Chair in any duties as assigned; and 

(b) shall perform the duties of the Chair in the absence of the Chair.

The Secretary shall:

(a) keep accurate minutes of the meetings of the County Committee and the  Executive Committee;

(b) conduct the correspondence of the County Committee, subject to the direction of the Chair; 

(c) be responsible for giving notice, when a notice is required, of meetings of the    County Committee and the Executive Committee; and

(d) perform, if accepted, additional assignments requested by the Chair.

The Treasurer shall:

(a) be responsible for the safe keeping of the funds of the County Committee;

(b) keep full and accurate accounts of receipts and expenditures; 

(c) make disbursements as authorized by the Chair or the County Committee; and

(d) present a written financial report at each meeting of the County Committee.

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